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We are trying to constantly add to this page! Contact us to send creative resources from your campaign!

Radical/Guerilla Theatre

"Catholicism Wow! Living Wage Now!"- Read the full script - Georgetown University's Agit-Prop living wage play which was written and produced by the Georgetown Solidarity Committee and Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society.

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The classics:

What's disgusting? Union-busting!
What's outrageous? Poverty wages!

Hey hey! Ho ho!
Poverty wages have got to go!

Hey [administrator name] stop the lies!
Let the workers organize!

From Georgetown U:

Poverty wages are ridiculous!
My Georgetown is better than this!

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Radical Cheers

Reclaim cheerleading for feminism and revolution! Radical cheerleading is done at demonstrations to draw attention and to get a crowd laughing and energized.

Living Wage Cheer (from Georgetown U)

HEYYYY [insert school/administrator name]
Listen [school/admin name]
half your workers sitting pretty
half your workers DON'T MAKE SHIT
Got no benefits!
work three jobs!
Listen up, don't shut us up!
we're cute, we're radical
Give It UP a Living WAGE for ALL OUR WORKERS
Give it UP

Cheer (from UCSD)

People my people
Yes my sister
Why are you marching?
For justice unserved
Can we march with you?
Raise up your fist
To fight injustice,
We must resist!

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From Texas A&M Living Wage Campaign:

From Washington University in St. Louis:

From Miami University of Ohio:


From Harvard University:

see more Harvard flyers here

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Used in the campaign at Georgetown

First used in the campaign at Harvard,
but easily adaptable to any school


From UT-Knoxville:

The folks at UTK are using these postcards to collect signatures to send
to their targets- the University president and state legislature.


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