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University of Missouri - Kansas City

Kansas City, MO

Group name: Tent State Website:
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Campaign background: In April 2005, students in the group Tent State blocked traffic at an intersection near campus to protest fora broad range of issues, including living wages for campus workers, higher education funding and cutting the contract of foodservice company Sodexho. While university administrators dodged many of the issues by claiming to be powerless under the bureaucracy of the UM system, students did think they had successfully won the cutting of the Sodexho contract.

However, in early 2006, when UMKC administrators decided to give Sodexho a "second chance," Tent State organized to force a requirement to pay living wages into the new contract with Sodexho. Administrators formed a committee to figure out what a living wage would be, but students were entirely shut out of this process. More updates on this to come soon! Today, Tent State is continuing to build relationships with campus workers and fighting for living wages.

At the same time, UMKC students are building Missouri Students United!, an up-and-coming student union that may include six public Missouri colleges and universities by the end of the spring 2006 semester, which would total something like 70,000 students. This student union would be a powerful way for students across the UM system to fight for higher education funding and other issues.

Campaigns News & Updates:

Oct 6, 2005 - LWAC heads to UMKC's 'Tent State' - LWAC tour update

Apr 10, 2005 - Students block intersection, present demands - University News


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