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University of California- San Diego

San Diego, CA

Group name: Students for Economic Justice Website:
Contact: Maki Matsumura Email: maki.matsumura(at)
Phone: 858-735-7174  

Campaign background: In 2001, Students for Economic Justice formed as a result of concern over an illegal firing of a subcontracted worker in janitorial services. Students and workers united in order to help re-hire the fired worker, and also bring all janitors in-house to the UC wide service workers union, AFSCME Local 3299. Since then, SEJ has existed as the primary student labor group on campus.

In the fall of 2005, Students from the UCSD Students for Economic Justice and other student activists from throughout the UC system met with the Local 3299 to strategize around a UC-wide living wage strategy. Currently, the word is spreading to build a movement to not just secure higher wages for AFSCME workers but also be inclusive of all subcontracted workers to be brought in-house. The living wage in San Diego is $13.05. Workers hope that in their next contract negotiation in 2007, the living wage policy will be forefront.

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