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Brief about WeCAN action

Dec 3, 2005 - posted by Dina Yarmus, diyarmus(at)


At Ursinus College We Care About our Nation (WeCAN) is a budding human rights organization that has become involved in the USAS network. In our group we seek to do four things simultaneously:

1. We seek to lay the foundation for a Campus Living Wage Campaign with our main focus is to use our relationships with workers to provide services (provided by students) for our workers on campus.

2. We are involved in supporting intra-campus activism that speaks to human rights such as the World Youth Peace Vigil (November 18th), campus speakers, Rosa Parks Commemoration (December 1st) etc.

3. We co-sponsor our own popular educational programming to develop relationships with other like minded groups. For example we plan to co-sponsor speaker environmental activist Michael Shellenberger with the Ursinus College Environmental Action (UCEA) Group. Additionally, we co-sponsored, with our area Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Robert Greenwald’s new documentary, “Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low Cost” November 13th and 16th as part of the Philadelphia Region’s Wal-Mart Week of Action. We will continue to use popular education and film on our campus to incorporate political awareness in our curriculum by working with professors to coordinate events that are attuned to subjects students are studying in class.

4. We are involved in a budding intercollegiate network of student in the Philadelphia region engaged in labor activism. An example of our efforts will be realized on December 9th when we utilize International Human Rights Day to highlight student initiatives to address workers’ rights on their campuses.


Contact information:

Dina Yarmus diyarmus(at)
Katie Ringler karingler(at)
Chris Rogers chrogers(at)

Snail mail:

Ursinus College
MSC 1425
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