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Miami University of Ohio

Oxford, Ohio

Group name: MU Students For Staff Website:
Contact: Stephanie Lee Email: livingwagemiami(at)

Campaign background: Students for Staff began organizing in the Fall of 2005, following the lead of the another student group, the Fair Labor Coalition, which was formed around a strike led by custodial and foodservice workers from AFSCME local 209 two years ago. After the strike, the union was able to gain a wage increase, but the university still refuses to pay fair wages to workers on campus - even though the university president himself acknowledged that full time workers on the university's campus were living in poverty! Students for Staff are organizing alongside both unionized workers (custodial, maintenance, housing, and foodservice workers) as well as with non-unionized workers (including clerical and landscaping workers and professors).

Workers are taking a huge lead in this campaign - there is definitely going to be some exciting movement as union negotiations begin this summer and a new president signs on at Miami Ohio. Check Students for Staff's website for updates as this campaign continues to heat up!

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