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Johns Hopkins University

Baltimore, MD

Group name: Student Labor Action Committee (SLAC) Website:
Contact: Email: slac(at)

Campaign background: After years of organizing major rallies and getting thousands of petition signatures demanding the Johns Hopkins pay all workers a living wage, in February 1999 university president William R. Brody agreed to raise all campus workers wages. However, Brody agreed to a mere $7.75 an hour wage that would not be adjusted for inflation over time, and included no healthcare. Students of SLAC were not satisfied with a simple wage raise, they demanded real living wages!

After organizing for another year, on February 28, 2000, SLAC occupied Garland Hall determined to sit-in until Brody agreed to pay a living wage to all workers. The importance of this sit-in was explained by a SLAC member: "Hopkins will be the first private-sector entity to adopt a living wage. This would set a great precedent for other universities and corporations, who are no doubt watching what is happening at Garland Hall." The sit-in ended on March 16, 2000, with an agreement between SLAC and administrators. (Find the agreement at Demands, proposals & policies.)

Since the sit-in, SLAC meets with the administration to oversee the implementation of the living wage agreement, as well as working on a tutoring program and organizing against the use of sweatshops to produce univeristy apparel.

Campaigns News & Updates:

Apr 14, 2006 - Sodexho workers fear loss of jobs - "Members of the Student Labor Action Committee (SLAC) have begun to get involved in the issue. Junior Victor Crentsil said that they plan on getting in touch with Furhman and hope to be involved in the employees' contract negotiation process..." [read more]
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