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University of Colorado at Boulder

Boulder, CO

Group name: RISE UP Website:
Contact: Guy Pettit Email: seac_cu(at)
Phone: 505-660-1029  

Campaign background: The living wage campaign at CU Boulder has been going on intermittently for a few years now, and was started up again in the Fall of 2005. The living wage group is part of a large coalition of student groups on campus called RISE UP (Restore Integrity to State Education and University Policy). At this point, moving forward in the living wage campaign is being impeded by anti-labor laws in Colorado, namely the Colorado Labor Peace Act, which basically states that all employees in CO have the right to unionize, except for those who work in the public sector. There have been some sufficient gains amongst sub-contracted construction workers, however, who now have a union and received a wage increase after student and worker activism around the issue.

LWAC will be visiting CU Boulder in mid April - check back for updates!

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