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Bucknell University

Lewisburg, PA

Group name: Catalyst Collective Website:
Contact: Amy Wollish Email: awollish(at)

Campaign background: Students at Bucknell started working in solidarity with workers on campus around the university’s switch in food service from Sodexho to Parkhurst. The Catalyst Collective is continuing to support these workers but is also reaching out to others on Bucknell’s campus. They have begun to develop relationships with the public safety officers who last year formed their own union but are still working without a contract and have faced some harassment and poor treatment on the job. Bucknell students are excited to get more involved in USAS, hook up with other campuses regionally and host LWAC in the spring all while continuing their work on campus such as coalition building and raising awareness.

Campaigns News & Updates:

Nov 14, 2005 - Bucknell campaign update - posted by Amy Wollish of the Catalyst Collective

Nov 2005 - November issue of The Catalyst - the first article is called "Living Wage 101"!


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